In Rushing the Floodgates of Heaven: For Those Who Are Thirsty!, Nathan French, a minister in Washington State, gives a unique gander at the individual discussions he’s had with God. French recently composed It’s Not Meant to Be a Secret: God Wants to Talk to You, in which he shared his emotional story of medication use and a bombed self-destruction endeavor fizzled Request Personal Prophecy because he trusts God mediated to spare him for better things. Nathan’s dad, himself a pastor, came to bring him home and help the mending start. Moreover, his mom has been his central supporter and the proofreader of his works, completely putting stock in her child’s capacity to speak with God and pass on His words. God has unmistakably honored Nathan with incredible guardians.

In Rushing the Floodgates of Heaven, Nathan shares with perusers the individual diary sections he made between September 2011 and April 2012, getting the last known point of interest. In every passage, he records what he hears God letting him know. These are not predictions like those of Isaiah and Jeremiah, yet progressively like inviting discussions, although the voice of the Old Testament God is heard here similar to the delicate voice of Jesus. Other than the words themselves, Nathan frequently has dreams of Jesus doing basic things, for example, sitting alongside him that mirror the individual closeness that God wishes to have with the entirety of His youngsters.

In the entries, we get a couple of insights about Nathan’s conversational procedure with God. Nathan records what God lets him know. In one entry, God says:

“At the point when I talk about these things to you, recollect that you improve when you don’t have your contemplations in the manner. Compose just the word I give you next. Your confidence delivers the following word. That is how you realize it is from Me because without a doubt on the off chance that you did this separated from Me, you would not have total sentences.”

In another section, God comments:

“Notice that when you compose by confidence, you don’t have a clue what the following word will be until you record the last one. Compose by confidence not by contemplations. Procedure data by My Spirit, which sidesteps the brain and imparts signs from the heart. The cleaner the heart, the cleaner the sign. Root out all that isn’t from light and allowed My light to light.”

In any case, more significant than the procedure of how Nathan speaks with God are the words God imparts to him.

A portion of these words is very emotional. For instance, during a chapel gathering, God tells Nathan:


“Point to the arrangement doesn’t concentrate on the issue. I continuously recollect that I reward each demonstration of trust. Put your foot in the water and strike the stone how I instruct you to. I am getting ready to bring fire, and each individual will encounter Me. Lift your hands to the sky; at that point drop them down and state, ‘I discharge the Holy Fire of paradise.’ I will come down to decontaminate my holy people.”


Following this message, Nathan reveals to us that:

“During the chapel gathering, one youngster was liberated from habit. His feet were hot to such an extent that he took his shoes off for a few days.”


All the messages have everyday subjects or points, and now and then there are different ones every day. Subjects talked about incorporate how individuals treat Santa Claus contrasted with God, the significance of absolution of others, pardoning of sins, the estimation of solidarity among Christians, direction on how Nathan should fill in as minister, tattle, desire, submission, and the requirement for individuals to come back to the Lord. I love the section about the significance of Unity among Christians when the Lord says: “Everybody has issues and damages that need assistance. Individuals need each other-the times of Lone-Ranger-Christianity are finished. Solidarity requires multiple.”

About Nathan’s congregation, The Rock of the Harbor, God advises Nathan to disclose to individuals when they ask what the congregation’s crucial: “We are a non-denominational Christian Church that is non-contending. We invite individuals from all strolls of confidence with an emphasis on adoration and acknowledgment. Our vision is to join the collection of Christ. Declaration, prediction, recuperating, and redemption are a customary piece of our service. Preparing the collection of Christ in the totality of God is our main goal.”

In one entry, Nathan is bantering with God, not knowing his folks in the other room are tuning in to the visually impaired vocalist Andrea Bocelli on TV. During their discussion, God lets him know, “The explanation my visually impaired vocalist can sing with such immaculateness and force is because he can’t see the crowd. At the point when you no longer notification the crowd and simply do as per My motivation, it will end up being the open entryway through which many will walk. My will is to bring you triumph. My will is to tear down fortresses. A fortress can’t exist in all-out acquiescence. I don’t tear down fortresses except if I get a solicitation giving consent.”

In another entry, God calls Christians to atonement and self-assessment:

“Such a large number of Christians don’t have a clue how to do a legitimate self-check. The damages of dismissal, deserting, and the dread of not having what it takes or the frequenting of past sins shield them from needing to inspect themselves. It resembles having a room in your home that you put garbage into-the the additional time that passes by, the more garbage gets gathered and the more you would prefer not to go in there. The greater the chaos, the more the torment and the less the harmony.

“The mystery is to clear out the offices of your souls and keep them clean by regularly assessing what you are placing into them. Consistent assessment and reflection will assist you with relinquishing offenses and sharpness from offenses brought about by judging. Impeccable harmony is discovered when the house is spotless and all together. To get your home all together methods more than your place to live or your condition it implies your life elements. To have impeccable harmony, one must invest energy with Me and My words. At that point, you can see unmistakably into the mirror and recognize what should be amended.”

I could cite a lot more sections from the book as models. Rather, I’ll simply state there are a couple of astounding stories in the rear of the book of times when God has advised Nathan to address certain individuals that have permitted him to help carry them to Christ. There are a few accounts of what may even be viewed as wonders, for example, how Nathan got cash to purchase a house and how he requested that God let him meet Joel Osteen and God did as such for his birthday.

I am certain there will be cynics out there, yet that is the reason you have to peruse Rushing the Floodgates of Heaven for yourself. The Lord works in secretive manners, so we never know how He will decide to address us. Maybe He’s caused you to notice Nathan’s book on purpose.

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