Personal Prophecy – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Certainly justified regardless of the cash and definitely justified even despite the time you will put resources into understanding it. I have perused it in a day. You won’t need your duplicate to leave your sight either.


Matthew Robert Payne is the writer of four Christian books


Personal prophecy can be mishandled like anything. Paul counsels us not to disdain prophecy yet to test it and keep what is great. I propose an individual run it by their minister or any soul filled individual. Personal prophecy is an awesome thing. At the point when you have a future in serving the Lord, it is incredible to have personal predictions now and again informing you concerning the future and the present. However a few people can progress toward becoming prophecy addicts as it were. They move between various persons for a prophecy as opposed to heading off to the Lord and the Bible. Having a great deal of personal predictions over your life on the off chance that you are strolling near the Lord in supplication and in the Word is anything but a hurtful thing. One of the Fathers of the prophets Bill Hamon, request personal Prophecy conveyed 50,000 predictions to individuals. He got 250,000 off other individuals. So you can see, even a prophet can get 250,000 predictions it’s anything but an unsafe thing to have a wealth.

Controlling Soul

A few people who have a “controlling soul” pass themselves off as prophets and prophetesses and they like to attempt to control you with their predictions. They like to keep on forecasting into your life and by doing that they control your relationship and you feel that you need them. These individuals frequently have the Jezebel soul. At the point when you understand one of these individuals that are a major part of your life are forecasting from the Jezebel soul and you sever your relationship from them, things can get quite revolting and they regularly become your most noticeably terrible foe. Bill Hamon said in his book about personal prophecy that he once in a while got a bogus prophecy. He says that frequently predictions can be a very long time ahead of time and you probably won’t have the learning yet to realize that it is a genuine prophecy. He says for the parts in a personal prophecy that you don’t generally comprehend or accept, to set them aside and perceive how they happen in years to come.


Matthew Robert Payne is the writer of four Christian books


This is an inquiry that is posed frequently. Individuals believe that on the off chance that you can forecast, at that point you have the prerequisites to be a prophet. That is much the same as somebody having the option to fly a one motor plane given the cockpit of a worldwide stream liner. More: In spite of the fact that numerous individuals with the endowment of prophecy advance and become prophets and all prophets are talented to do personal prophecy, not all individuals that work in the endowment of prophecy become prophets. Sacred text fundamentally says that all individuals who are Christians can work in the endowment of prophet, yet all individuals in the group of Christ are not called to be prophets.

A prophet is an office, a calling by God and you can’t simply start to prediction to individuals and end up a prophet. Truth be told you can forecast for your entire life and never wind up being a prophet. A prophet is an extraordinary calling by God for a specific reason and it goes far past simply the endowment of prophecy. Prophets need acumen, should have the option to instruct, need to issue tackle, should have the option to deal with issues inside a congregation and numerous a lot more things. It is an office that requires a ton of quietude, a great deal of time in the Word of God and a ton of development.

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